The CRI Team


ZHANG Helena (Client Services / Contracts & External Relations) 6601 1149
YAO Xuan (Auditor) 6516 6611
TAN Tianhui (Research Scientist) 6516 6611
CUI Can (Research Scientist) 6516 6611
ZHANG Yihang (Internal Training) 6601 1066
WANG Yijie (Internship Program)  6601 1066
Ricardo Jose Del Rosario SONE (IT Infra & Operations) 6601 1066

Development Team

Develops and improves the CRI models, enhances the operational system, and participates in consulting projects.

ZHAN Jingyi (Team Lead) 6601 1066
ZHUANG Hao 6601 1066

Data Management Team

Designs and manages the CRI database, and ensures the quality of CRI's data.

NI Xingyu (Team Lead) 6601 1066
Product Management Team

Carries out regular operations, leads special projects in system enhancement, and manages bespoke models and toolboxes for the clients.

HU Junmin (Team Lead) 6601 1066
ZHANG Yihang 6601 1066
WANG Chenye 6601 1066
WANG Yijie 6601 1066
Validation Team

Ensures the integrity and accuracy of the CRI models as well as all inputs and outputs of the CRI products.

WANG Anyi (Team Lead) 6601 1066
LIU Xinbo 6601 1066
WANG Sushan 6601 1066
Business Developement & Partnerships Team

Maintains the communication channels with the clients, resolves their questions and concerns. Assembles market data, conducts market research, and manages the CRI’s publications.

ZHANG Helena (Team Lead) 6601 1149
Preethi BALA MOHAN 6516 4116
LI Sirui 6601 1066
Amrita Sudarshan PARAB 6601 1066

^ indicates - Research Intern
* indicates - PhD Student


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